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BusinessBand Corporate

BusinessBand Corporate is part of our ADSL 2+ family of products. It offers the very fastest speed currently available over a standard BT based telephone line.

BusinessBand Corporate does not require any advanced bonding or load balancing equipment (although some great solutions for multiple BusinessBand Corporates are available), just a standard ADSL 2 + Router such as the Vigor 2820.

Designed for the heaviest of users. The download speed of 20Mbps, despite what some TV adverts would have you believe, is more than enough for all but the largest of corporate offices.

The upload speed limit of up to 2.5Mpbs is the fastest unbonded DSL speed currently available in the UK and is four times faster than our already very quick BusinessBand products.


  • Download speeds of up to 20Mbps
  • Upload speeds of up to 2.5Mpbs
  • Ideal for larger offices or very heavy users
  • No contention within Exa's network
  • Inclusive content filtering if required