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Terms and Policies for using Exa Services

In this section of our site, we’re taking a look at all the terms, conditions and policies we’ve written to cover the use of services from Exa Networks.

The policies in this section range from explanations of how we operate to the responsibilities we have to support our customers, along with the terms that we require our customers to follow when using our services.

At Exa Networks, customer care is at the heart of everything we do, informing our decision making and shaping the way that we work, as part of delivering quality products and services to all of our customers. As such, our IMS Policy is available to view at request.

If you’d like to know more about any of the policies here, get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234.

Full Price List Full Price List
Full Price List

On this page, you’ll find a rough list of prices for the services that we offer, from Internet connectivity and web hosting to content filtering and more.

While you’ll find relevant pricing information on all of our service pages, here, we’ve collected all that information into a single reference sheet for your convenience.

While we try to be as transparent as possible in our pricing, the prices you’ll see on this page are not guaranteed - get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 for a personalised quote!

Cookie Policy Cookie Policy
Cookie Policy

A quick look at the ways in which we use cookies in order to provide our customers with a better level of service.

We primarily use tracking cookies like those provided by Google Analytics to see what pages visitors to our sites are accessing, so that we can make our services more useful.

By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies.

Traffic Management Traffic Management
Traffic Management

A short look at how we manage our customers’ Internet traffic, ensuring that all of our users get a great level of service at absolutely all times.

We’re dedicated to giving our customers the level of service that they pay for at all times, with heavy provisioning across our networks to support users around the clock.

Call our team on 0345 145 1234 if you’d like to find out more about how our Internet services work.

Privacy Privacy

Information on how we collect data from those contacting us, and how we keep it secure and private at all times.

We work to make sure that the data you submit to us is completely safeguarded at all times, from personal details to information on the topics that you contact us about.

If you provide personal details to us, you agree to the terms of our privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

The full set of terms and conditions for using Exa services, from clarification on various phrases to obligations on our part and yours.

You must agree to these terms and conditions before using any services from Exa Networks. Opening an account with us, or accessing any of our services, indicates an acceptance of these terms.

Acceptable Use Policy Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use Policy

Information on the acceptable use of services provided by Exa, including information on the various uses prohibited for those using our services.

This document primarily prohibits the use of our services in any unlawful or fraudulent manner, and lays out related content standards.

Using services from Exa Networks signifies your agreement to abide by the terms laid out in this policy.

Dispute Resolution Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution

Information on how any disputes between Exa and our customers are to be resolved.

As a member of ISPA, any complaints or issues are to be handled through their Ombudsman Services website, and proceed in a set manner.

This document outlines our responsibilities if any issues are raised.

Terms of Use Terms of Use
Terms of Use

Terms and conditions for using Exa’s websites, from this page to external sites like our Exa Education and DarkLight pages.

This document explains the various provisions in place for using our site, and underlines acceptable behaviour and liability in various cases.

Continuing to use this site constitutes an acceptance of the terms laid out here.

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Whether you’re interested in high-speed Internet connectivity, wide area networking, or any of our other services, including our ExaVoice VoIP service and SurfProtect content filtering, there’s really no better choice for your ISP than Exa Networks.

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