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Internet Usage Policy

Exa Networks are committed to delivering excellent performance for all of our customers, across all of our services.

As part of this focus, we follow Ofcom's voluntary code of practice for broadband speeds, and are committed to delivering the best possible information about what affects the speed of our customers' Internet connections.

Our policy for Internet services is to provision enough capacity in our network to ensure that our customers do not experience slowdown at any point, even at peak times. On rare occasions, customers may experience minor slowdown due to particularly high demand across the network, but we work to keep customers updated about these where possible.

All of the broadband products that we offer have no monthly usage allowance, while we perform absolutely no DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) on our customers' traffic. This means that we do not prioritise traffic based on the content that is being transported. However, on occasion, we may apply some prioritisation to give our customers the best possible service.

This prioritisation applies classes of service to traffic that can be easily identified, in order to prioritise latency-sensitive traffic such as streamed real-time audio or video over other kinds of data, such as downloads. This helps ensure a smoother overall service, minimising disruption during the rare occasions where we need to prioritise traffic.

All of the usage policies for our Internet services can be found throughout our Terms and Policies collection.

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