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Internet services are now more important than ever for businesses - no matter what sector you cover or what size your organisation is. Despite this, many ISPs simply don’t accommodate for the needs of businesses, only offering off-the-shelf solutions and under-delivering on performance.

We’re one of the only ISPs to specialise in creating bespoke solutions. Over the years, we’ve worked with practically every kind of business, providing unique Internet services packages to meet the needs of everything from retail outlets to hotels, wind farms and far more. Whatever services you want for your business, there’s really no better choice than Exa Networks.

On this page, we’re taking a quick look at some of the fantastic services we supply our business customers with - give our team a call at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about how we can help improve your business.

Head over to our Exa Solutions site to find out more!

Kala Sangam DarkLight

Kala Sangam is a meeting and conference venue and intercultural hub in Bradford.

Holding events hosting hundreds of attendees their internet connection is really put to the test which their previous provider could not handle.

After choosing DarkLight, Kala Sangam feel secure and confident in their connection - they have not encountered a day where the internet has dropped and their experience with Exa Networks has been completely trouble free.

As a growing business, the unlimited capacity of DarkLight means that there is no need to worry about their future technology, as they already have it.

speed_fast speed_fast
Ultrafast Business Internet Connectivity

We offer a full range of Internet connectivity options to suit all businesses, from leased lines and FTTC options to ultrafast DarkLight.

We’re dedicated to delivering truly reliable performance on all of our services, with options designed to cover practically any company’s requirements.

Click through to our connectivity page to find out about the main options we offer our customers - if you’re not sure what option best suits your requirements, call our team on 0345 145 1234 today!

Customised Internet Service Packages

We’re committed to giving our customers as much choice as possible - while we provide off-the-shelf options, we’re more than happy to design custom service packages for our customers.

This customisation can be seen in a number of ways, from the free setup and configuration we provide to the wide range of services we offer. Because we’re an independent ISP, we’re often able to add services if our customers request them - so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something you’re looking for!

Click through below to our Exa Solutions site, where we’ve put together some more information about the bespoke service packages we offer our customers, from restaurants to business parks - and far more.

Darklight_business Darklight_business
Future-Proof Business DarkLight

DarkLight is our very latest connectivity option. Using dark fibre to deliver unmatched flexibility, DarkLight is really the last Internet connection you’ll need to install.

Every DarkLight line supports a world-class 10 Gbps speed as a starting point, with symmetrical connectivity, easily upgradable performance and a full 99.9% Service Level agreement.

Head through to our DarkLight page to find out what makes DarkLight the most advanced Internet connectivity option to date.

Customer_service Customer_service
Award-Winning Customer Service

We’re proud to break the stereotype of ISPs having poor customer service. We’re completely dedicated to delivering fantastic customer service, with no long hold times and no scripted conversations, just fast, expert advice.

We’ve received several accolades for our customer service that we’re particularly proud of. We’ve received two ISPA Awards for our customer service, while a recent survey declared that we had the fastest response times of any UK ISP!

We also support our users in a number of ways - like our knowledge base, featuring step-by-step guides to solve a number of problems (linked below).

VoIP Packages for Business

Using VoIP, you can heavily cut the cost of phone calls for your business, particularly if you’re based in multiple locations, with a single hosted PBX replacing multiple costly PBXs.

We’ve recently launched our own VoIP service, ExaVoice to provide flexible packages custom built around your requirements, so you’re not paying for services that you don’t need, while our high-quality services make sure that you get great performance all year round.

Head over to our ExaVoice page to find out more about the fantastic flexibility, low costs, and excellent performance that makes us the single best choice for VoIP services.

Bespoke_WAN Bespoke_WAN
Bespoke WAN Design for Business

Wide Area Networks allow businesses to securely transfer data between locations - a useful tool for companies with multiple locations or employees working from the road.

We design and build bespoke WANs to meet the needs of our clients, from VPNs to MPLS options, allowing you to get exactly what you need from your networking.

Check out our Networking page to take a closer look at why Exa Networks is the best choice for your WAN provisioning, whatever requirements you have.

Market_leading_firewall Market_leading_firewall
Market-Leading Firewall Options

In a time where data breaches and online security issues increasingly dominate the news cycle, it’s more important than ever for your business to have a solid cybersecurity strategy. In many cases, a firewall can be a hugely important tool for businesses, helping to cut out unauthorised access and safeguard you – and your customers.

As such, we’re proud to offer our customers some of the most advanced firewalls on the market today – FortiGate units, designed by industry-leading security company Fortinet. FortiGate firewalls are designed to help improve any user’s security, with an effective suite of features, including real time updates and far more.

Click through to find out more about how the kind of difference that a FortiGate firewall can make for your company’s security, or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your security requirements!

Market-Leading Prices

We’re committed to giving our customers truly fair prices across the board, whatever they’re looking for.

Many of our services are significantly cheaper than those from the competition, saving businesses money while delivering better service. While some of our prices are higher than the competition, it’s because we focus on delivering top-quality service, never cutting corners.

On every one of our service pages, you’ll find relevant pricing information, along with a full, rough price list linked below. With all prices being approximate, give our team a call at 0345 145 1234 for a full, personalised quote!

Why Choose Exa Solutions?

We’re the single best choice for business Internet services because of our stand-out dedication to providing our customers with the best service possible. We’re one of the only ISPs specialised in providing bespoke Internet service packages to our customers, accommodating for practically every need for thousands of organisations nationwide.

Whether you’re looking for high-performance Internet connectivity, bespoke Wide Area Network design, custom VoIP packages or practically anything else, we make sure that you get truly excellent, secure performance at all times, while often cutting down costs for our business customers.

From single services to complete solution packages, Exa supply a huge number of businesses across the UK with powerful performance and complete customisability. Call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your company’s requirements!

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