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DarkLight - Future-Proof Internet

DarkLight is the latest and greatest option for Internet connectivity that we offer our customers. Put simply, DarkLight is the very last Internet connection you’ll need to install for your premises.

Using a unique dark fibre design, DarkLight delivers world-class Internet speeds at a significantly lower price point than other ultrafast options, backed up with a truly unprecedented level of choice, with users being able to change the speeds they receive at practically any time.

Completely symmetrical speeds ensure that uploads are every bit as fast as downloads, while DarkLight’s ultrafast design ensures that each line can support a full 10 Gbps speed (with even faster speeds also possible), more than practically any organisation will ever need. Read on to find out more about what makes DarkLight the most advanced Internet connectivity option available today.

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Ultrafast, Low-Cost School Internet

With the growth of useful online resources and tablet schemes, demand for bandwidth in schools is at an all-time high. In many cases, this compounds a pre-existing problem for schools, with high Internet costs and underperforming connectivity services posing a major issue.

At Exa Education, we’ve worked for over a decade to give schools better access to connectivity, bringing in better performance at a lower price than schools pay with local authorities and competing ISPs. With DarkLight, we’re taking this to a whole new level.

DarkLight provides ultrafast connectivity at a fraction of the price of other Internet options for schools and academies. With prices starting at the equivalent of just £299 plus VAT a month for 300 Mbps service, in many cases, schools can save thousands a year while getting a service several times better than their current provider offers - one that they’ll never have to replace.

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World-Class Connectivity for Business

In the modern day, effective Internet connectivity is one of the most important utilities for businesses of any size, from SMEs to multi-national corporations. We’re proud to introduce the single best option on the market for your company’s connectivity - DarkLight.

DarkLight is the last Internet connection you’ll need to install. Designed to deliver ultrafast, reliable connectivity at a price point significantly below many other ultrafast options, DarkLight’s flexibility ensures that you’ll always be able to get the level of performance you need, with every line supporting a full 10 Gbps as a starting point - some of the fastest Internet in the world today.

Whatever level of performance you need from your connectivity, DarkLight delivers, making superfast Internet more accessible to businesses than ever before, and hugely cutting down on the 38 hours lost each year by the average UK worker due to slow and unreliable connectivity.

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Lowering_Prices Lowering_Prices
Lowering Ultrafast Prices

Because of the unique design of DarkLight, we’re able to provide uncontended, ultrafast Internet connectivity for schools and businesses at a significantly lower cost than ever before, often saving customers thousands a year while providing a far better level of performance.

Whatever level of performance you choose for your DarkLight connectivity, we’ll be giving you a great deal, cutting down hugely on unnecessary cost and helping you improve your performance without putting a strain on your budget.

Head down to the bottom of the page, or click through, for a chart showing the prices we charge for our various speed options - give us a call at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements!

Multi-Gigabit Connectivity

Every single DarkLight line supports full 10 Gbps speeds from the start - some of the fastest commercially available connectivity in the world, and more than practically any organisation will ever need. Over time, we’ll be increasing that level even more, with 100 Gbps speed available now with some extra construction.

With connectivity packages starting at 300 Mbps, DarkLight can provide the exact level of ultrafast Internet performance that your organisation needs - and can keep on doing that in the years to come due to our flexible design.

Because DarkLight is completely uncontended from us to you, you’ll always get the speed you’re paying for - not ‘up to’ that level.

Symmetrical Internet Speeds

Traditionally, download speeds are about 8 times faster than uploads, in line with the requirements of most users. However, over the last few years, the spread of Cloud services have made upload speeds far more important than before, a trend that’s hardly likely to stop.

As such, DarkLight connections are completely symmetrical - you’ll get the same performance for both uploads and downloads. This makes using Cloud services (and other areas where fast uploads are required) far more convenient than previously.

With DarkLight providing ultrafast performance, you’ll be able to speed up more than just uploads - get in touch at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

Complete_Service _Flexibility Complete_Service _Flexibility
Complete Service Flexibility

We’ve designed DarkLight to be the single most flexible option for Internet connectivity available today, giving you a level of choice which ensures that our services can always match your needs.

Once a DarkLight line is installed, you’ll get truly ultrafast performance at all times. Whether you start at 300 Mbps or 1 Gbps, you can change your speed at practically any time, whether you need a permanently faster connection or want to temporarily speed up - or slow down.

As an example, if there’s a major event coming up, you might want to speed up your line to accommodate for extra users. That’s made completely simple with DarkLight. Just call your account manager to find out more.

Future-Proof Internet

We’ve built DarkLight to be the very last Internet connection that you’ll ever need to install. Due to the huge speed capacity of each line, you’ll always be able to get fantastic connectivity performance, whatever your needs.

Once a DarkLight line is installed, we make upgrading your performance as hassle-free as possible. Just get in touch with your account manager if you find yourself requiring a different speed level, and we’ll quickly work to upgrade you - no construction required.

Right now, we offer some of the world’s fastest Internet connectivity, with world-class 10 Gbps available right now for all DarkLight users. In the future, we’ll be working to make even faster speeds available!

Dedicated Internet Connectivity Dedicated Internet Connectivity
Dedicated Internet Connectivity

DarkLight is provided directly from Exa’s network to you, with absolutely no one else sharing your bandwidth - it’s a major part of how we ensure that our customers get great performance at absolutely all times.

Our service is completely uncontended and non-GPON, which ensures that you get the speeds that you’re paying for at all times, as part of our commitment to our users.

Click through to find out more about completely uncontended connectivity with DarkLight!

Unique Dark Fibre Design

DarkLight is based around a dark fibre network, which means that we’re able to deliver a level of flexibility which isn’t found anywhere else, while providing ultrafast speeds, complete reliability and great prices.

Our dark fibre network lets us take complete control over the services we offer, so we’ve used it to create the most advanced Internet connectivity option commercially available today.

Explore more about the advantages that dark fibre brings at the link below, or call our team on 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

SLA-Backed Reliability

Whether you’re part of a business or school, the reliability of your Internet connection is absolutely vital, with outages posing major problems.

We’re dedicated to providing completely reliable service for our customers across all of our services, and DarkLight is far from an exception. Every connection comes complete with a full 99.9% SLA, ensuring completely reliable performance throughout the year.

DarkLight’s reliable in a number of other ways, delivering top-quality performance even at peak times due to our uncontended lines and highly provisioned network.

Award-Winning Customer Care Award-Winning Customer Care
Award-Winning Customer Care

We’re proud to provide some of the best customer care of any ISP in the UK (and we’ve got the awards to prove it), completely cutting out the frustrations many experience, with fast answers, expert, unscripted advice and quick fixes for any issues.

Over the years, we’ve picked up two ISPA Awards for our service, along with a number of shortlistings for the awards. We’ve also been declared as having the fastest response time in the industry, picking up in under 15 seconds in most cases.

We’re committed to making sure that you get the very best from your time with Exa.

Pricing for DarkLight

Because of DarkLight's unique dark fibre design, we're able to provide ultrafast speeds at a significantly lower price than other providers, whether you're looking for symmetrical 300 Mbps performance or one of our faster options, including gigabit performance and beyond!

The prices you see below do not include VAT, and are not guaranteed, though we work to keep them up to date. Every DarkLight line can support a fully symmetrical 10 Gbps speed without any additional cost, giving users the opportunity to upgrade their connection whenever needed.

Our lines can currently support an astonishing 100 Gbps speed, though this requires additional installation - contact our team at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements!

Product Setup Monthly Annual
DarkLight 300 Mbps £2500 Equiv. £299 £3588
DarkLight 500 Mbps £2500 Equiv. £349 £4188
DarkLight 750 Mbps £2500 Equiv. £399 £4788
DarkLight Gigabit £2500 Equiv. £499 £5988
DarkLight Multi Gig £2500 On Request On Request

More Internet Services from Exa

Along with DarkLight, we provide a huge range of other Internet services, including practically every other kind of Internet connectivity, for those in areas where DarkLight isn’t currently available, and for organisations that can benefit more from our different options.

Our other Internet services range from Wide Area Network design and creation to web hosting, content filtering, VoIP and far more. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll be able to help. Call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

We’re also one of the only ISPs to specialise in providing bespoke service packages, having worked to supply unique solutions to organisations ranging from primary schools to multi-academy trusts, wind farms to hotels. Whatever services you need, there’s really no better choice than Exa for your Internet Service Provider.

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