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Giving back to the Community

Over the years, we’ve hugely benefitted from the support of schools, businesses and people, so we’ve tried to give something back in a few different ways.

As we’re an ISP, most of the ways we give back are tech-related, but we also work to give back in a number of other ways - read on to find out more!

One of our most recent initiatives for giving back is exa.foundation, a not-for-profit organisation designed to support Computing for schools and learners, running events (often free for Exa schools) across the country, from in-school events to teacher CPD and far more. Our foundation has three main goals - head to our site to find out more!

Head over to our exa.foundation site for more information!

Events from exa.foundation

We run a huge variety of events through exa.foundation, covering a wide range of areas, from CPD for teachers to student and family-focused activities. We often organise these events working with schools using Exa services, as customers can call to request an event.

Click below to take a look through upcoming exa.foundation events - along with details and summaries of our hundreds of past events!

ExaBGP Network Management ExaBGP Network Management
ExaBGP Network Management

One of the open source, free of charge tools we’ve created, ExaBGP is the Swiss Army Knife of networking, with something for any networking situation.

As a couple of examples, ExaBGP can improve network resilience, protect against DDoS attacks, give you a greater level of network control and let you take a look over how your network is performing.

ExaBGP is used by major companies across the globe, such as Facebook, along with a huge number of smaller organisations.

Customisable Proxy Services Customisable Proxy Services
Customisable Proxy Services

Originally designed as part of our SurfProtect content filtering service, ExaProxy is a completely customisable, open source proxy service.

Freely available for developers looking to develop applications requiring a proxy element, ExaProxy is highly scalable and high-performance, making it a particularly useful tool.

Head over to our GitHub page to find out more about ExaProxy.

Local Sponsorship and Funding Local Sponsorship and Funding
Local Sponsorship and Funding

We’ve sponsored a whole lot of local events and organisations in a number of ways, from donating to providing free Internet services to several organisations and helping to organise and run various events.

Some of the many organisations we’ve sponsored include Young Rewired State (a worldwide organisation of young Digital Makers), Pi Wars (robotics competitions based round Raspberry Pi), the Keighley Cougars (a local rugby team), along with many more.

Take a look back at one of the events we’ve sponsored with this blog post on Pi Wars 2017 from Exa director Michael Syree:

Raising Money for Charity Raising Money for Charity
Raising Money for Charity

Along with the sponsorship we’ve mentioned, members of our team have often organised charity events for various causes, which we typically advertise, promote and donate to.

Some of the more recent events our team have organised include skydiving for dementia, running for Alzheimers and a local music festival to benefit Oxfam.

Follow our Twitter page to find out more about our upcoming events!

Find out more about Exa Networks

Exa Networks is an independent ISP, working to provide thousands of schools and businesses with high-quality Internet services ranging from high-performance Internet connectivity to wide-area networking, VoIP services and far more. We’re committed to providing our customers with a better level of service across the board, from ensuring fair prices to providing accurate advertising, and constantly working to expand the range of services that we’re able to offer.

We specialise in giving our customers unparalleled choice, as one of the few ISPs to specialise in bespoke solution packages. Whatever requirements our customers have, we work to provide a solution which covers everything - whether they’re a school, academy, or any kind of business, including wind farms, restaurants and far more.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our services, get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234!

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