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We’re dedicated to giving our customers exactly what they’re looking for across the board. As such, we offer a practically unmatched range of Internet services, and regularly add others based on what our customers require.

While our services cover everything from Internet connectivity to VoIP, there’s a few things we provide with all of our services: great performance, truly reliable service, award-winning support and truly fair pricing.

On this page, you’ll find some information about the most popular services that we provide schools and businesses across the UK. If you’re looking for more information, click through to any page, or give our team a call at 0345 145 1234 to find out what we can do for you.

Exa Education - Internet services for Schools and Academies

We’ve been providing Internet services to educators for over 10 years, working with thousands of schools and academies. We’re committed to bringing our customers incredible performance, great service and the best value for money around.

In the vast majority of cases, we cut down costs for our customers, with schools often saving thousands when they change over from local authorities, while also typically beating the prices offered by other ISPs and offering an unmatched level of choice for our customers.

Read on to find out more about the services that we offer the education sector, or give our expert team a call at 0345 145 1234 to talk through your requirements.

Click through to our education section to find out more!

Exa Solutions - Internet Services for Businesses

We’re one of the only ISPs to specialise in bespoke Internet services for businesses. As such, we try to make sure that our services cover every area that our customers are interested in, while delivering excellent performance, a great level of choice and fantastic value for money.

Our solutions are built to work for you, as we’re committed to delivering you complete flexibility on all levels. We provide services to businesses of every size, from SMEs to larger organisations - don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Keep reading to find out about the services that we offer businesses, or get in touch at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements - and how we can help you get the best from your Internet services.

Head through to our Business Section to find out more!

Ultrafast Internet Connectivity Ultrafast Internet Connectivity
Ultrafast Internet Connectivity

We offer a huge range of Internet connectivity options, designed to suit any organisation’s needs, from basic choices for small organisations to truly ultrafast service.

Whether you’re looking for basic ADSL broadband, faster performance with FTTC and leased lines or truly future-proof DarkLight connectivity, there’s really no better choice for your Internet connectivity than Exa Networks.

From guaranteed performance and great speeds to award winning customer service, click through to find out what makes Exa an ideal choice for your connectivity.

DarkLight - Future-Proof Connectivity

Designed to make a real difference to businesses and schools, DarkLight is our single most advanced Internet connectivity option to date, bringing in unmatched flexibility, powerful performance and fantastic prices.

Using a dark fibre design to deliver a unique level of excellence, DarkLight can make a real difference. Every connection currently starts off able to support a fully symmetrical, world-class 10 Gbps speed (with even faster performance also available), ensuring that every user can always get the level of speed that they require.

DarkLight is the last Internet connection you’ll ever need to install. Head over to our DarkLight section to find out more!

Bespoke Wide Area Network Design Bespoke Wide Area Network Design
Bespoke Wide Area Network Design

Designed to allow users to securely share data between locations, Wide Area Networks can be a major advantage for schools and businesses. Our team custom-design WANs to the requirements our customers specify, delivering excellent performance and total flexibility.

We’re able to design and supply both managed networks, linking multiple locations into a single LAN, and Virtual Private Networks, allowing on-the-go access for complete convenience.

Call our team on 0345 145 1234 to discuss your networking requirements, or click through to find out how we deliver fantastic networking performance!

Custom VoIP Packages Custom VoIP Packages
Custom VoIP Packages

By running your phone calls through your Internet connection rather than a dedicated phone line, VoIP allows you to hugely cut down the cost of phone calls (particularly if you have multiple premises), and adds in a whole lot of useful new features.

We’ve recently launched ExaVoice, our personal take on VoIP, to supply our customers with one of the most requested services around. We build completely bespoke, flexible VoIP packages according to your requirements, with fantastic performance, low costs and a huge level of customisation.

From phone analytics to comprehensive control via an online panel, our VoIP service introduces a huge range of quality-of-life improvements - click through to find out more!

Completely Customisable Content Filtering

Built for effective, intuitive and incredibly customisable content filtering, SurfProtect Quantum is one of the most powerful online filtering options for schools and businesses, and is available at an incredibly low, discounted cost for Exa customers.

Through the SurfProtect panel, you’ll be able to design a custom filtering policy, getting complete control over how your Internet connection can be used. You can block certain categories of content, cut off specific sites, block and report searches for particular keywords, and far more.

On our SurfProtect Quantum site, we’ve put together far more information about how SurfProtect can benefit you - click through to see more!

Domain Services from Exa Domain Services from Exa
Domain Services from Exa

We offer a comprehensive range of domain services to give you a solid foundation for your web presence. From initial registration (along with a wide range of benefits) to hosting and more, we provide great support for all of our users.

Our web hosting stands out from the crowd in some major ways - we don’t give you poor service to promise minuscule costs - we deliver reliable, convenient, high-performance and highly customisable hosting for your site.

We also provide a full range of inclusive email services for those using our domain options, giving you a customisable and effective service. Click through to find out more!

Asset Management Convenience with NetSupport DNA Asset Management Convenience with NetSupport DNA
Asset Management Convenience with NetSupport DNA

We’re always looking to give our customers a better level of service across the board. As such, we’ve teamed up with software designer NetSupport to start offering their powerful solution, NetSupport DNA.

Primarily working as an asset management solution, NetSupport DNA gives you a comprehensive picture of how all the computers and equipment on your networks are functioning, giving you a huge range of options for cutting costs and streamlining performance. Schools can also benefit from an incredible safeguarding suite, making it easier for you to identify any possible causes for concern.

On our NetSupport DNA page, you’ll find out more about how big a change the service can make - call us on 0345 145 1234 to find out even more!

Effective FortiGate Firewall Options Effective FortiGate Firewall Options
Effective FortiGate Firewall Options

Online security is now a more serious issue than ever, with both businesses and schools needing effective security strategies to keep themselves, and those they’re accountable for, protected at all times. One of the more useful tools in developing a full security strategy is a firewall, a device designed to cut out unauthorised access to networks and data.

We’ve teamed up with industry-leading security company Fortinet to offer our customers some of the best firewalls on the market – the FortiGate range. Built as a centralised, effective, and highly customisable firewall option, FortiGate units can be a real game-changer for both businesses and schools.

We’re now providing 3 different FortiGate options, giving our customers a full range of choices – click through to find out more, or get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements!

Price List for Exa Services

While some of our prices vary based on factors like location, we want to give you as full and transparent a look at our prices as possible, whether you’re looking for Internet connectivity, VoIP or any of our other services. As such, on every one of our service pages, you’ll find a full set of pricing information - we’re committed to delivering the same great prices for both businesses and schools.

For your reference, we’ve also put together a rough list of prices where possible, letting you see how much lower many of our prices are than those offered by competitors - click through to take a look.

All of our prices are rough suggestions, though we work to keep them as accurate as possible - for a quote based on your exact requirements and specifications, call our expert team today at 0345 145 1234.

Find out more about Exa Networks

Exa Networks is a leading independent Internet Service Provider, working with thousands of schools and business across the country. For over a decade, we’ve worked to give our customers a better option for their Internet services, providing excellent performance, complete flexibility and fair prices for all of our services.

Along with the services which you’ll see on this page, we also offer a wide range of additional options. We’re one of the only ISPs specialising in bespoke service packages, so we work to ensure that we can offer our customers the services which they can benefit most from - so if there’s a specific product or service you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234.

We’re a member of several major organisations governing and regulating the Internet services that we offer, such as LINX, BESA, Nominet and ISPA, ensuring that we can provide truly stand-out, reliable services.

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