ExaVoice - Truly Flexible Internet Telephony

VoIP (Internet Telephony) is a useful technology for schools and businesses which replaces physical phone exchanges with a digital alternative, transmitting data via your Internet connection, and can significantly cut costs, along with many other benefits.

We’ve recently introduced our personal VoIP service - ExaVoice! Designed to be a completely flexible approach to VoIP, ExaVoice lets you bring in a telephone system that does exactly what you want, all at a completely fair price point, with plenty of additional features.

When you get in touch with us (at 0345 145 1234) about introducing ExaVoice, we’ll listen to your requirements, building you a bespoke VoIP package, which you can change any time that you need to - adding/ removing phones, changing your user base or practically anything else.

ExaVoice - Flexible VoIP Packages for Education

With schools and academies having to make a tremendous number of calls across the year, costs rack up quickly with traditional phone systems, often creating some significant trouble for budgets. With VoIP, however, schools can hugely cut the cost of their calls while bringing in some effective and highly useful additional features.

We’ve designed ExaVoice to be an absolutely ideal VoIP service for schools. From the start, ExaVoice removes hardware costs, while cutting down on the cost of making calls. We don’t offer limited options for our service - we let you design a custom VoIP package that covers absolutely everything you need, with no charges for anything you don’t require.

Designed to be completely flexible and scalable, ExaVoice lets teachers make calls using your school’s number when they’re on the go, while letting you set up automatic announcements, emergency continuity and far more. Get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about how ExaVoice can benefit your school.

Building the perfect VoIP package with ExaVoice

From physical equipment costs to call charges, the cost of making calls from your business can rack up quickly with a traditional phone system, leaving many businesses unnecessarily out of pocket. With VoIP, companies can typically significantly reduce their phone costs, while introducing powerful new features and advantages.

There’s no better choice for business VoIP than Exa Networks. Like most of our other business services, our recently developed ExaVoice VoIP solution is designed for complete customisability, letting you build VoIP packages that perfectly match your requirements - and change those at almost any time to ensure that you always get the bespoke service that can best benefit your business.

With ExaVoice, it’s easy to make calls from your company’s number while on the go - ideal for travelling employees, while also setting up emergency continuity and announcements, along with introducing effective call analytics through our online panel. Call our team today to find out more about how our VoIP service can make a real difference for your business!

Customising your ExaVoice Package

We’re able to provide VoIP services to organisations of any size, whether you’re just planning on having a few people make a small number of calls a month or you’ve got dozens of phones constantly off the hook. ExaVoice is a completely flexible service, making it ideal for all purposes.

Initially, we’ll consult with you about what you require from your VoIP service - the number of phones you need, the number of users who are going to make calls, and the number of calls you make a month, using this to build you a bespoke service that fits your requirements.

Along with hardware, setup and user options, as part of our bespoke packages, we offer three different licence options, covering different requirements. You’ll find more information on our licences below, while our ExaVoice glossaries (for schools and for businesses) take a more in-depth look at your options.

Once ExaVoice is in place, you'll be able to change your package settings at practically any time you need to - just get in touch with your account manager!

Licences for ExaVoice

We’ve designed three different licences for ExaVoice services, each designed to suit different requirements, ensuring that your VoIP services deliver exactly what you’re looking for - and helping you cut out unnecessary costs.

Our three licence options are as follows:

Functional User: Ideal for those who need a basic telephone service for infrequent calls, rather than using more advanced options and features like voicemail and speed dial.

Fixed User: Our most popular option, this licence is ideal for staff working from a fixed location, and those who occasionally work from home. Along with all the features of our Functional User licence, this option adds in voicemail, call forwarding, and far more useful features.

Mobile User: Ideal for those who travel for work, this licence has all the advanced features of our Fixed User option along with travel-focused features, letting smartphone users call from their work phone, log into their ExaVoice account, and more.

Want a closer look at what our various licences offer? Click through to our ExaVoice glossary (for education and for business) for a full view, or get in touch with our team on 0345 145 1234 today!

Changing Settings at any Time

ExaVoice subscriptions come with complete access to our convenient online panel, which lets you shift a number of settings any time that you choose.

The portal gives you a lot of control over your settings. Every authorised user can change settings for their phone, from voicemails to away messages, while seeing a log of their calls. Admins get a more comprehensive look at how the phone system has been used, while being able to change organisation-wide settings.

We also have a further level of service available, giving users an even greater ability to control how their VoIP service works.

Complete VoIP Control

Along with the standard set of advantages that ExaVoice provides, there’s a few additional options that you can choose to upgrade to, giving you an even better level of control over your service.

These options include a comprehensive call analytics suite, allowing you to record calls and view a full set of information about how your phone line’s being used, even beyond our standard analytics suite. Along with this, we offer options like CRM integration, additional call storage beyond the standard 30 days and far more.

Get in touch today to find out more about how ExaVoice can benefit your organisation!

Benefits of Introducing VoIP

There’s a huge number of ways in which VoIP stands out from traditional phone options, giving you a series of quality-of-life improvements and opening up new possibilities.

From the start, VoIP is hugely useful for organisations with multiple premises - only a single hosted PBX is needed, cutting down the cost of physical exchanges. This hosting also provides you with complete continuity, making your phone service resilient through a number of emergencies.

ExaVoice allows you to integrate fixed and mobile phones, allowing one number to work anywhere, and even allows you to pick what numbers are used, for your total convenience. Through our convenient panel, you’ll also be able to set up automatic announcements, control your service and see exactly what’s going on.

Pricing for ExaVoice Services

With every customer's ExaVoice package containing a different combination of services, hardware and options, we're dedicated to giving our customers a genuinely complete range of choices right from the start. Below, you'll see a list of the prices we charge for ExaVoice services, from basic licences to handsets, top-up bundles and more.

While we've made the prices below as accurate as possible, prices below are not guaranteed and do not include VAT - for a custom quote, call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements!

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Category Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Connection Dedicated Circuit Monthly 24 Months £41.25
Draytek Vigor 2862 One Off N/A £149
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Functional User (including standard handset) Monthly 24 Months £10
Fixed User (including standard handset) Monthly 24 Months £12
Mobile User (including standard handset) Monthly 24 Months £15
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Functional User (inc. standard handset, 100 minutes to UK landlines, 100 minutes to UK mobiles) Monthly 24 Months £11.80
Fixed User (inc. standard handset, 100 minutes to UK landlines, 100 minutes to UK mobiles) Monthly 24 Months £13.80
Mobile User (inc. standard handset, 100 minutes to UK landlines, 100 minutes to UK mobiles) Monthly 24 Months £16.80
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
1000 Minutes Monthly 30 Days £15
2000 Minutes Monthly 30 Days £25
4000 Minutes Monthly 30 Days £55
8000 Minutes Monthly 30 Days £110
Out of Bundle Top Up (100 minutes to UK landlines, 100 minutes to UK mobiles) Monthly 30 Days £1.80
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Yealink T46GN One Off N/A £60
Yealink T48GN One Off N/A £110
Polycom VVX411 One Off N/A £60
Polycom VVX601 One Off N/A £120
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Auto Attendant (Additional) Monthly 30 Days £5
Fax Messaging Monthly 30 Days £5
Call Centre Automated Call Distribution Monthly 30 Days £8
Busy Lamp Field Monthly 30 Days £3
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Voice Recording User Monthly 30 Days £5
Voice Recording 180 Day Storage (per GB) Monthly 30 Days £6
Voice Recording 7 Year Storage (per GB) Monthly 30 Days £10
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Reception Console (SMB) Monthly 30 Days £10
Reception Console (Enterprise) Monthly 30 Days £55
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Geographic Number Allocation (per number) One Off N/A £1
Single Geographic Number Import (per number) One Off N/A £5
Multiple Number or DDI Block Import One Off N/A £25
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
Polycom Generic PSU One Off N/A £15
Yealink Generic PSU One Off N/A £10
Product Billing Frequency Term Cost
CRM Connect Lite (Go Integrator Lite) Monthly 30 Days £2
CRM Connect (Go Integrator DB) Monthly 30 Days £5

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We often add new services to keep up with requests from our customers, with ExaVoice being one of our latest additions. Across all of our services, we work to provide top-quality service with truly fair prices and a level of flexibility that goes far beyond what other ISPs are able to offer.

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