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Custom Wide Area Network Provisioning

Connecting multiple areas together on a single, private connection, Wide Area Networks allow for secure and fast data transfer, which brings in many advantages and possibilities for schools and businesses, depending on the type of network chosen. Organisations with multiple locations can use a managed network to share useful data privately, keeping everyone on the same page, while other WAN options let users on the road stay up to date at all times.

Whatever requirements you have for your Wide Area Network, we’re the best choice for design and provisioning. Our team are experts at designing custom WANs to meet your needs, and we offer a huge range of options to ensure that you get the very best service possible.

While organisations tend to have particularly varied requirements for their networks, on this page, you’ll be able to see some of the main options we offer for WANs - and what makes Exa the best choice for your network. Call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements with our expert team!

Wide Area Network Design for Academies and Schools

A potentially invaluable service for Multi Academy Trusts and schools with multiple locations, Wide Area Networks allow multiple sites to share data in a secure, fast and convenient way - from educational resources to student records and far more.

Exa Education is the single best choice for Wide Area Network provisioning. We’ve worked to provide WAN solutions to schools and MATs with a wide range of requirements, along with many businesses, giving us the experience and expertise that you need to get the very best options, performance and price for your Wide Area Network.

We offer a range of major WAN types, and can also provide additional options where required. On this page we’ve taken a look at some of our main options, and the major advantages we provide schools. Get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to find out more and discuss your WAN requirements!

Bespoke Networking Services for Business

Wide Area Networks can be a real game-changer for businesses. Designed to allow for the fast, secure and convenient transfer and sharing of data between locations, Wide Area Networks make it easier to keep everyone on the same page, whether your business has multiple locations or if your staff are regularly out on the road.

Experts in providing bespoke Internet services to companies in all sectors, Exa Solutions are the very best choice around for your Wide Area Networks provisioning, whether you’re looking for a managed network to connect sites or a VPN for on-the-go secure access.

On this page, we’ve put together some information about the main types of WAN we provide, and the advantages that we offer our customers - give our team a call at 0345 145 1234 for a more in-depth discussion of your requirements!

Complete Customisation Complete Customisation
Complete Customisation

Every organisation has different requirements from their Wide Area Network: the scale of the network, the speeds required and the purpose of the network all pay a major role in determining requirements and Quality of Service focus areas.

As such, we design bespoke networks to fit the requirements and requests of our customers, ensuring that you get a service which delivers exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team have worked with practically every kind of organisation, giving us the experience and flexibility to deliver real excellence - get in touch at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

Excellent Networking Performance

We’re committed to giving all of our customers incredible performance, whichever of our services they’re using, and our networking is definitely no exception. We design resilient, high-performance networks that outperform the competition, delivering fantastic service at all times.

Whatever level of performance you need, we’re more than able to accommodate, with networking options ranging from ADSL broadband to leased line connectivity and our latest ultrafast option, DarkLight, giving you total flexibility.

We also offer full 3G/ 4G backup services for several of our networking options, giving you automatic failover in the unlikely event of any problems appearing.

Managed WAN Options Managed WAN Options
Managed WAN Options

One of the two major categories of networking service we offer, managed WANs are designed to connect multiple areas as a long-term service, making all sites appear to be on the same Local Area Network - an ideal option for organisations with multiple premises.

We build managed networks to your requirements, with a wide range of speeds, connections, and Quality of Service requirements available to choose. We primarily provide MPLS networks, connecting all sites to a network with a central Internet breakout, along with VPLS options, exclusively using ethernet connections.

Managed WANs provide complete flexibility for users, and allow for expansion and alteration at practically any time.

Virtual Private Networking Virtual Private Networking
Virtual Private Networking

Unlike managed WANs, VPN options don’t physically connect sites - the network is entirely virtual, operated securely over the Internet rather than using a single breakout. While this results in a lower level of choice, VPNs are typically a cheaper, yet versatile, networking option. We primarily offer two types of VPN:

IPSec VPNs: Ideal for organisations with a few small sites, IPSec VPNs allow organisations to access LANs in connected locations via a secure VPN tunnel.

SSL VPNs: Perfect for working on the road, SSL VPNs let users access a particular LAN without opening their own network up, so users can securely access important data at practically any time.

Pricing for Wide Area Networks

Because every organisation using a Wide Area Network has somewhat unique requirements, prices vary based on the exact kind of service that you're looking for. Whatever specifications and needs you have for your network, there's really no better choice for your service than Exa Networks.

Along with our dedication to giving you a complete range of options for your WAN, we're committed to delivering fantastic performance and low costs at all times, across absolutely all of our services. We're able to accommodate for practically every kind of requirement for WAN design, so don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team at 0345 145 1234 for a full custom quote!

More Services from Exa Networks

As one of the only ISPs to specialise in providing bespoke Internet services, we work to provide our customers with a wide range of different Internet services, all designed to deliver fantastic performance, unmatched flexibility and truly excellent prices.

We offer a full selection of Internet connectivity options, many of which are also available to connect sites as part of a Wide Area Network, along with bespoke ExaVoice VoIP packages, content filtering and far, far more.

Because we’re an independent organisation, we’re also able to provide additional services to suit the needs of our customers, ensuring that you get a service package which really works for you. Call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about our fantastic range of Internet services!

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