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Becoming an Exa Partner

We partner up with fantastic organisations around the UK in order to expand our reach, bringing our Internet services to more schools and businesses around the country to deliver better performance at a great price, backed up with market-leading customer service.

We work with companies who share our dedication to customers, creating mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our partners and resellers, with strong discounts and great opportunities for profit demonstrating how important our partners are to us.

On this page, you’ll find out more about why you should consider becoming an Exa partner, whether you’re supplying schools and academies or work with businesses. Get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 for a more in-depth chat about becoming a partner.

The Advantages of being an Exa Partner The Advantages of being an Exa Partner
The Advantages of being an Exa Partner

There’s a lot of reasons to partner up with Exa. From the start, you’ll be able to offer customers fantastic quality services, increasing your opportunities for sales.

Along with that, we offer a number of direct benefits:

Increased Revenue: We offer a high level of commission on every sale that you make, with discount pricing across most of our services and products, giving you a great profit opportunity.

Award-Winning Customer Service: We’re committed to providing fantastic customer service, ensuring that your customers are always satisfied.

Networking Opportunities: We often run or host networking events, giving you a chance to meet other partners and develop your network.

Increased Leads: Our marketing team produces co-branded material for our partners, while our telesales team can often help out with campaigns, getting in contact with potential leads.

There's far more benefits that come with being an Exa partner. If you're interested in finding out more about how working with us can benefit you, call our team at 0345 145 1234, or take a look through our partner brochures (for education and for business) for more information!

Regular Partner Communication

It’s always frustrating to not be kept in the loop. That’s why we make sure that our partners are the first to hear about major changes, new services and upcoming updates.

We regularly send out partner newsletters and emails, keeping you updated about what’s going on without overloading your inbox.

We also run an annual partner event at our Bradford office, where we often launch our latest products and services, inviting all of our partners to attend.

Exa Partner Training Exa Partner Training
Exa Partner Training

We want to make sure that our partners get the absolute best from their work with Exa. As such, we provide free, optional training for all partners and resellers.

This training covers practically every area of our services, and is customised around your requirements and requests to make sure that your training covers absolutely everything that’s relevant to you.

Depending on your requirements, this training will either take place in our Bradford office or at your premises.

Personal Account Support Personal Account Support
Personal Account Support

Every Exa partner is assigned a personal account manager, who works closely with them to help ensure that our partners get the very best out of their work with Exa.

Account managers are typically in regular contact with partners, helping with area research and outreach, while often working to set up and run marketing campaigns.

As well as their account manager, our partners have full access to Exa’s award-winning customer service team.

Exa Partner Portal Exa Partner Portal
Exa Partner Portal

As part of our support for our partners, we’ve created the Exa Partner Portal, a one-stop destination for partners to find material on all of our services.

Our partner portal covers everything from marketing resources to order forms and helpful information, all designed to support our partners text-left.

Along with the resources in the portal, we often produce custom documents for our partners, typically for marketing purposes - get in touch with your account manager to find out more about this.

Find out more about Exa Networks

Since 2003, Exa Networks have worked to offer our customers a better approach to their Internet services - one that starts from the ground up, with fantastic services, great prices, unmatched levels of choice and award-winning customer care.

We now provide our services to thousands of schools and businesses of every kind across the UK, from high-speed Internet connectivity to VoIP, content filtering and far more, with a fantastic retention rate across all of our services.

Want to find out more about Exa Networks, and the fantastic opportunities that we offer our partners? Get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to see what we can do to help you!

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