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Our partners and resellers are an integral part of our company. We view them as an extension of our team, as well as valued customers.

We partner up with organisations who share our dedication to customers, creating mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships. Through these partnerships, we’re able to expand our reach around the UK, allowing us to provide schools and businesses with internet and safeguarding solutions they can rely on. 

Competitive pricing: From the moment you come on board with us as a partner you will benefit from reduced pricing across our product range. This will allow you to provide quotes to your customers at the exact same rates we provide to our direct clients, so there will never be a potential conflict of interest.

Dedicated account management: You will receive support from a dedicated account manager who will provide everything from training to growth planning and strategy, ensuring you have the best Exa offering for your customers. They will also conduct regular reviews which will look at where you are, and where you’d like to be, so we can plan for your company goals.

Technical support: Whether your customers need help transferring their domain, guidance on managing their firewall settings or installing a new router, our team is more than happy to help. When you or your customers call us, your queries are marked as high priority. No automated queues, no call centres. Just great priority service.

Marketing resources: With experience in email marketing, copywriting, design, and campaign management, our marketing team can help you build relationships with your customers and connect with new people.

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