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Smoothwall Monitor

Protecting your learners with a real-time monitoring solution

Safeguarding software for your school

Our partnership with market-leading digital monitoring solution provider, Smoothwall, enables us to provide you with a safeguarding solution you can rely on. Using the latest technology and expertly-trained human moderators, Smoothwall Monitor alerts safeguarding staff to students at risk online within minutes. Students who may be exposed to harms such as; cyberbullying, online grooming or content relating to self harm.

Real-time monitoring and alerts: Captures user activity as it happens with immediate notifications sent to designated safeguarding leads in real-time by phone, email, enabling early intervention and prevention of cyberbullying, grooming and suicide.  

24/7 human moderation: Advanced digital monitoring, using the latest technology and team of expertly-trained human moderators who analyse and review risk alerts on your behalf to help identify students at serious risk.

DfE and Home Office compliant: Deploy appropriate monitoring that supports your safeguarding team in rapidly detecting the warning signs of a potential incident and fulfil’s the KCSiE and Prevent Duty statutory requirements.

Smoothwall Monitor Features

24/7 monitoring
24/7 Human moderation

A highly trained team of moderators alert and notify you of risks using Smoothwall
Monitor’s level 1 to 5 grading system.

false positive reduction
False positive reduction

Smoothwall's in-house moderators ensures that false positive alerts are kept to a minimum, so you can focus on real risks. 

Complete device coverage
Comprehensive device coverage

Comprehensive monitoring that safeguards your staff and students on Windows, iPad, Mac, and Chromebook devices.

Home working
Home Working

Allows you to monitor learners and educators on school supplied devices regardless of whether they are in school or at home. 

user defined library
Record management integration

Integrates with Smoothwall Record Manager, CPOMS and MyConcern to help provide a holistic view of a child’s wellbeing.

Cloud console
Cloud Console

Intuitive cloud-based user interface allowing you to manage, review and analyse alerts and captured activity anywhere, at any time.

comprehensive reporting
Comprehensive Reporting

Fast, schedulable reporting, featuring screenshots that provide you with detailed information to help you take appropriate action.

national reach

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