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Housing your servers and computer hardware
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Using colocation services reduces the burden and cost of having your own data centre while still allowing you to retain ownership and control of your hardware.

We can offer rack space to our customers in data centres across the country as well as in our Bradford head office, that will provide you with:

Reliability: Your equipment will be housed in a more reliable environment than your office with the added benefit of cooling systems, power, fire suppression and network equipment that is fully redundant.

Physical security: Your hardware will be protected from damage, theft and any other risks that could compromise the security of your data.

Speed and performance: You will have easy access to an ultrafast network with redundant connections which will ensure your applications are always operating at peak performance.

Growth: From a single server to multiple racks, colocation provides you with an easy upgrade path ensuring space will never be an issue.



More schools and MATs are moving to a serverless infrastructure, with minimal on-site IT services. The benefit is housing your hardware offsite in a secure location. This protects equipment in a controlled environment, freeing space up on school premises.

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With colocation, you can protect your network by hosting your firewalls or data offsite in a secure location. Growing businesses can move to a serverless on-premises infrastructure - letting them develop without the cost of moving premises.

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