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What is Police CyberAlarm?

What is Police CyberAlarm

By now if you’re in the education sector, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Police CyberAlarmMany insurance companies are insisting you register for the service, this is due to amendments to the DfE guidance released recently.

New DfE guidance

Recent updates to the Cyber Cover section in the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) from the DfE, state that all those under this arrangement must register with Police CyberAlarm. 

Continue reading below to find out what Police CyberAlarm is and how it works.

What does Police CyberAlarm do?

Police CyberAlarm monitors inbound traffic aimed at your network. It records and reports any suspected malicious activity on your firewall, enabling you to minimise any identified vulnerabilities and risks.

Police CyberAlarm can also be used to scan your website and external IP addresses and provide reports of identified vulnerabilities.

How does Police CyberAlarm work?

A ‘CyberAlarm Collector’ (virtual server) is installed on your system which receives activity logs from your firewall and encrypts them. These are then analysed by the Police CyberAlarm server to identify the type and scale of an attack.

The data collected is then shared with Police Cyber Crime Units and analysed, helping them to understand local, regional and national cyber crime activities.

What data does Police CyberAlarm collect?

It collects inbound firewall logs and metadata, the data collected will be regularly sent to you via weekly or monthly reports. The reports will detail potentially malicious activity discovered on your firewall, which can be used for further investigation such as:

  • IP address
  • Amount of data transferred
  • Port used to transfer the data

Please refer to your terms after registering for more information on how your data is collected/stored.


Many companys are struggling to allow access to this product at the moment, however we have created a solution. 

If your school has RFL (Router For Life), FortiGate VM or a managed FortiGate through Exa, please contact our Technical Support Team who will assist you with implementing Police CyberAlarm. 

Otherwise you can find out more on how to implement this on our Security and protection page.

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