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Securus Monitoring

Pupil Monitoring & Safeguarding Software for Schools

Safeguarding software for your school

Securus monitors online and offline, typed and untyped activity and instantly notifies your safeguarding team if any potential risks have been detected allowing your team to take appropriate action swiftly.

Real-time monitoring and alerts: Rapidly identify potentially high-risk behaviour with instant alerts sent to your designated team, allowing for quick intervention.

Optical Character Recognition: Examines in application activity on Windows and Chrome devices against a library of words and phrases that may indicate unsafe behaviour, taking a screen capture for the designated safeguarding lead to review and take appropriate action. 

KCSiE and DfE compliant: Rely on appropriate monitoring that supports your team in fulfilling the KCSiE and Prevent Duty statutory guidelines

360 degree eSafeguarding: Build a safeguarding solution that works for your school by combining Securus and SurfProtect to appropriately monitor and filter your teachers’ and students’ online and offline activity. 

Securus 360 Features

Securus 360 is a combination of Securus XT and Net products, which allows monitoring to work across multiple operating systems, on network and on device.

BYOD compatible
BYOD compatible

Enforce a BYOD policy by monitoring personal devices and smartphones connected to your school network.

Complete device coverage
Complete device coverage

Comprehensive monitoring that safeguards your staff and students on Windows, iPad, Mac, Chromebook and Android devices.

Home working
Home working

Allows you to monitor learners and educators on school supplied devices regardless of whether they are in school or at home. 

user defined library
Proprietary & user defined libraries

Comprehensive library covering all major topics of concern, plus ability to add your own words and phrases.

Cloud console
Cloud console

Intuitive cloud-based user interface allowing you to manage, review and analyse alerts and captured activity anywhere, at any time.

comprehensive reporting
Comprehensive Reporting

Fast, schedulable reporting, featuring screenshots that provide you with detailed information to help you take appropriate action.

24/7 monitoring
24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring, categorising and capturing online activity across all devices, providing immediate alerts for potential incidents. 

Securus FMS Features

Securus’ Full Monitoring Service includes all of the features of 360 with the added benefit of all of your school devices being monitored (during working hours) for you, freeing up valuable teaching and management time. 

Safeguarding Experts

Safeguarding experts monitoring all devices, with all captures reviewed to determine the level of risk and ascertain whether it's a false positive or an incident of concern.  

immediate alerts
Immediate alerts

Alerts provided by FMS safeguarding experts, with high severity captures sent to your school's designated staff via phone, email and SMS for immediate attention. 

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