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VoIP Telephony

ExaVoice is a hosted cloud-based system that uses your internet connection to transmit voice calls, ensuring no disruption when it comes to the PSTN switch off.
VoIP phone system


Our VoIP solution ExaVoice improves communication within your organisation and allows you to create a telephone system that works exactly the way you need it to.

Moving to a VoIP service now will future proof your organisation’s phone system and allow you to benefit from:

  • A centralised online-portal to manage your phone system
  • Ability for your staff to make calls using your number when they’re on the go
  • Automatic announcements if your organisation has to close
  • Peace of mind that there is emergency continuity in place for your phone system

ExaVoice  Comparison

Screenshot 2023 10 04 at 14.22.33
ExaVoice Extension
ExaVoice Basic
ExaVoice Office
ExaVoice Office Advanced
ExaVoice Everywhere
For classrooms – internal calls only
For occasional use in staff rooms
For administrative & office staff
For receptionists
For users who work across multiple sites
Handset (upgrade options available)
T31 VVX150
Polycom VVX150 & Yealink T31G
Polycom VVX150 & Yealink T31G
Polycom VVX250 & Yealink T43G
Polycom VVX250 & Yealink T43G
Inclusive UK calls
table no
table yes
table yes
table yes
table yes
Personal Voicemail
table no
table no
table yes
table yes
table yes
Softphone client
table no
table yes
table yes
table yes
table yes
Softphone client
Softphone client
Webex collaboration, Softphone client
Webex collaboration, Softphone mobile application client
Basic call logs, Internal calls only
Basic call logs, Basic call forwarding
Standard call forwarding and handling features,
three-way conferencing
Advanced call handling, Do not disturb, Remote office features simultaneous ringing
All previous user features available across mobile devices through mobile app
Prices from
Different types of license can be bought to make sure you pay for what you need. If you'd like a detailed quote, please contact our Sales team.

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Is DarkLight connectivity best suited to you?

Dark fibre is perfect if you are looking for a potentially limitless, ultrafast connection with complete flexibility and control.

If you fully rely on the internet, a dark fibre connection could be the best option for you.

Is Leased Line connectivity best suited to you?

Leased Lines are best suited to you if you have high bandwidth requirements and need a reliable, uncontended service.

It is ideal for you if you regularly carry out large uploads and downloads, use cloud based services and a VoIP telephone system as well as video conferencing, for everyday communication.

Is GPON connectivity best suited to you?

GPON is a great choice for you if you need gigabit speeds but don’t need them to be symmetrical. It is becoming more widely available across the UK but may not be immediately available to you yet.

Is Rural Fibre connectivity best suited to you?

If you want to make the move to full fibre, but are based in a rural area, this option is for you.

Is FTTP connectivity best suited to you?

If you have a number of users who use cloud-based applications to upload and download data on a daily basis, but don’t transfer large amounts of data, FTTP might be your best option.

Is Gfast connectivity best suited to you?

If your line cannot support a minimum of 100Mbps, this connection is not for you. Gfast must meet the speed as a minimum. 

If your line meets this need, and you’re looking for an ultrafast, consistent and reliable connection without the hassle and upheaval of construction work – this could be a good fit.

It’s worth noting that Gfast is a stop gap to FTTP, and is not a technology that is likely to be around for a long time.

Is FTTC connectivity best suited to you?

If you need more bandwidth but don’t really need a guaranteed speed, FTTC could be for you. It is widely available throughout the UK, making it suitable as a main connection. As this connection provides higher speeds than ADSL, it is also a good option for a back up to a leased line.

As with ADSL, once the PSTN is turned off in 2025/26, FTTC will become virtually obsolete and at the very least you will require FTTP to remain connected.



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Is DSL connectivity best suited to you?

DSL connections offer very limited bandwidth so it might be right for you if you typically use the internet for less data-intensive tasks. If you’re sending emails, browsing the web, downloading very small files and working with small amounts of data – you should be fine with DSL.

It is worth noting connections based on copper wire, like DSL, will be switched off in the UK by Openreach, with a phased approach due to begin at the end of 2025. If you don’t have a fibre connection at the moment, you’ll need to upgrade this as well as move to a VoIP telephone system.

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