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World Telecommunications Day

Tuesday 17th May marks World Telecommunications Day. 

World telecommunications Day

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) started the event in 1969 to celebrate the possibilities of the internet and communication technologies. Past years have looked at sustainability, safeguarding, women & girls in ICT and artificial intelligence.

This year’s event recognises that the average global life expectancy is rising. In 2022, the average life expectancy is 73 years old, compared to 66 years in 2002. With medical advances and access to a healthy diet, we now have an ageing population. 

Communication technology is developing every day, with new tools designed for the older generation. Whilst retired people can find ICT training through Age UK, it can be harder for those who are still working to learn about the internet and communication technologies. 

Teachers especially, have busy schedules and fitting training around lesson plans, and marking can be difficult. Providing inclusive training that covers a wide range of skill sets, to ensure your teachers are utilising technology effectively in their classrooms, can also be a challenge. 

The Exa Foundation can provide training through its Learning Programme. Designed for students in KS2, KS3, KS4, and KS5, the course suits a range of skill levels, however this can be adapted for teachers as part of a CPD training programme. 

With engaging exercises and discussions, the training can help teachers think of technology and communications in a different way, so they can develop lessons to integrate classroom technology. This can be held during INSET days as an inclusive way to train teachers.

If you are an Exa partner or connectivity customer, access to The Exa Foundation is included in your package, contact your account manager for more information or to book a session. If you are a non-Exa customer, to enquire please fill in this form – http://exa.is/booksession, or contact us here.

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