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Introducing NetSupport DNA

We’ve partnered up with software designer NetSupport to offer all of our customers access to NetSupport DNA, their powerful IT management solution.

NetSupport DNA covers a whole lot of ground: it’s one of the most advanced asset management systems around. Using the service, admins can see exactly how networked computers are being used, from power usage to printing, installed programs and far more.

Schools and academies also have access to a particularly useful additional feature using NetSupport DNA - an incredibly effective safeguarding toolkit to help identify any possible causes for concern in a user’s web usage. Read on to find out more about NetSupport’s many applications!

Find out more about NetSupport DNA!

NetSupport DNA for Education

The most powerful monitoring solution available for schools today, NetSupport DNA can be a major advantage for schools on a number of levels. Initially, the service lets you minimise costs as a powerful asset management solution, giving you a clear look at how computers on your network are being used.

Beyond this, NetSupport DNA introduces a powerful safeguarding suite, which gives you genuinely useful information to help you identify any causes for concern, giving you far more effective info than other monitoring products.

Interested in finding out more about NetSupport DNA? We’ve put together a lot of information on this page - call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

Cutting Costs with Effective Asset Management

We’re offering our customers access to NetSupport DNA, an incredibly effective and customisable asset management solution designed to give you comprehensive information about how computers in your network are functioning.

NetSupport DNA gives you a real-time look at practically every side of how computers are being used, from what’s powered on to what licences are being used for software applications, information on printing costs and far more.

With complete device control options available, you can also decide how devices in your network can be used - disabling webcams, preventing memory stick access and more. Read on to find out more about NetSupport DNA, or call our team on 0345 145 1234 for more information!

Complete Network Visibility Complete Network Visibility
Complete Network Visibility

From the start, NetSupport DNA’s panel gives you a clear look at how all the computers and equipment connected to your network are functioning.

This includes easily explorable information about power usage (and the associated costs), along with software licences, hardware inventories, info on websites being visited, and far more.

You can completely customise this panel, letting you focus on the areas that you’re most interested in covering - particularly useful if you’re using the system for its asset management features.

Taking Device Control

Using the NetSupport DNA panel, you’ll be able to take control over the devices and computers on your network. Starting off, you’ll be able to shut off devices remotely, helping you cut down costs.

However, the panel goes far further than that. As a couple of examples, you’ll be able to remotely disable webcams, control access to memory sticks and enforce acceptable use policies.

Wondering what else you can achieve with NetSupport DNA? Get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

Cutting Costs with NetSupport Cutting Costs with NetSupport
Cutting Costs with NetSupport

With NetSupport’s intuitive panel design, it’s now easier than ever for administrators to spot any areas where costs can be reduced - software licences going unused, computers being left on around the clock, and far more.

Using the panel, it’s also easy to directly cut these costs, with remote asset control letting admins set comprehensive policies for how devices on the network function, for convenient, centralised management.

With monitoring options letting admins get a direct look at energy costs, printing, application usage and far more, NetSupport DNA provides a fantastic level of flexibility, making it a majorly important tool when it comes to cutting down costs.

Safeguarding Support for Schools Safeguarding Support for Schools
Safeguarding Support for Schools

NetSupport DNA incorporates an incredibly useful safeguarding tool designed for schools, giving users a comprehensive view over how users are behaving online.

Going beyond practically every other safeguarding tool, NetSupport DNA doesn’t just give a static alert when a policy is triggered - it takes a full log of how the user’s behaving online, letting you determine whether there’s actually any cause for concern.

This log can be viewed in a few ways for your convenience: the log itself, a video, a screenshot, or a full word cloud of recently used phrases. NetSupport's safeguarding suite also features a number of other major features - now including the ability to have webcams save images of the user behind any recorded incident, and far more.

Complete Device Compatibility

With a recent major update, NetSupport DNA is now more effective than ever, with the software now integrating with devices running iOS, OS X and Chrome OS - an extremely helpful upgrade for both schools and businesses.

While NetSupport are currently working to introduce complete feature parity across operating systems, NetSupport DNA can now monitor a wider range of hardware than ever before, giving administrators an effective, flexible and time-saving tool.

In their most recent upgrade, NetSupport also added a range of effective utilities, including hardware performance monitoring, device/ user profiles, more convenient information search and display options, and far more - get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

NetSupport DNA Pricing

We've partnered up with NetSupport to offer their NetSupport DNA solution at a truly fantastic price for both our business and education customers.

Organisation Contract Term Annual Licence Cost
NetSupport DNA for Education 1-Year Contract £5 per Licence
NetSupport DNA for Business 1-Year Contract £7 per Licence

Internet Services from Exa

While we’ve partnered up with NetSupport to offer their advanced software, there’s a whole lot of ground we cover ourselves when it comes to Internet services.

We work with thousands of schools and businesses across the UK, providing them with a full range of Internet services. As an independent provider, we’re able to offer a huge range of services, ranging from our ultrafast connectivity options to SurfProtect content filtering, VoIP and far more - all designed to provide fantastic performance at a great price.

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