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How can Digital Monitoring Solutions help prevent Cyberbullying?

In today’s digital world, cyberbullying has become a significant concern, especially in educational environments. Infact, according to an ONS report, 1 in 5 children between 10 and 15 years old had experienced some form of cyberbullying from March 2022-2023.

The progression of technology and the internet has introduced many types of cyberbullying such as; harassment, doxing, cyber stalking, revenge porn, account hacking, and fake social profiles, making detection more challenging. Implementing effective digital monitoring solutions can play a crucial role in preventing and addressing cyberbullying incidents.

To raise awareness for ‘Stop Cyberbullying Day’ we’re sharing how these technologies can help create a safer online space for students.

Why Digital Monitoring?

Digital monitoring solutions offer a proactive approach to combating cyberbullying. Where content filtering restricts access to inappropriate material, digital monitoring goes further by alerting designated safeguarding leads to any concerns. By flagging signs of cyberbullying, such as abusive language, threats, and other forms of harassment in real-time, schools can intervene promptly, providing support and addressing the behaviour before it escalates.

Providing context

Whether monitoring emails, social media, or offline documents, digital monitoring ensures that inappropriate behaviour is detected regardless of where it occurs, ensuring no incident goes unnoticed and providing a more whole picture.

Other features that can help provide more context around an incident are image and video scanning capabilities, which detect offensive visual content that might be missed by text monitoring alone and keystroke logging captures all typed interactions, including edited and unsent messages.

Deterrence and culture

By implementing digital monitoring solutions, schools can foster a culture of accountability and respect. Students are aware that their online behaviour is being monitored and can be used as evidence, which can deter them from engaging in cyberbullying. Additionally, the presence of these systems encourages students to report incidents of cyberbullying, knowing that their concerns will be taken seriously and addressed promptly.

Digital monitoring solutions provide valuable support to educators and parents. Detailed reports and alerts generated by such systems enable school staff to understand the context and severity of incidents, helping them to take appropriate action. Also, involving parents by sharing relevant information ensures a coordinated effort in supporting the affected students and addressing the behaviour at home.

Management of incidents

A capture severity rating system helps prioritise serious incidents for immediate attention, ensuring efficient resource use and timely interventions. It provides context for appropriate responses and supports data-driven decisions to develop effective anti-bullying policies and programs.

Where schools have the capacity to manage alerts themselves a software package can suffice, however some monitoring providers offer fully managed solutions which involve an expert monitoring team who can interpret alerts and report back to DSLs where action may need to be taken.

Compliance with regulations

Implementing digital monitoring solutions helps schools comply with important guidelines and regulations such as the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidelines and The Prevent Duty. These regulations emphasise the importance of safeguarding students online, and tools like Securus ensure that schools meet these standards effectively.

Integration with systems such as MyConcern and CPOMs enables schools to centrally monitor online activities, detect cyberbullying early, and streamline reporting and intervention processes. This enhances compliance with child protection regulations, informs preventive strategies through data analysis, and promotes parental involvement in addressing online safety concerns effectively.

Our monitoring partner, Securus

‘Securus is proud to work together with Exa Networks to jointly support “Stop Cyberbullying Day 2024” to raise awareness and to safeguard children & young people in education, supporting their digital wellbeing and providing a safer online environment.

Securus Monitoring & Safeguarding Solutions provide the vital tools to protect vulnerable children & young people from cyberbullying and other serious harms that could stem from being bullied, such as changes to a pupil’s mental health & wellbeing, racism or hate speech – opportunities which could otherwise be missed in the real-world.’

Securus actively monitors and promotes safe online behaviours. When an incident is detected a screenshot ‘capture’ with detailed evidence automatically updates the management Console, enabling school safeguarding staff to review the incident and intervene and take immediate action to help guide and educate students to improve their online behaviour. 

As cyberbullying remains one of the leading topics for schools, Securus not only captures keyboard generated incidents. With our unique OCR scanning technology, the software also captures non-typed activity from any application on the school network, including Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace, offering an advanced layer of monitoring.

In summary, digital monitoring solutions are an essential component in the fight against cyberbullying. They provide proactive detection, comprehensive coverage, and support to educators and parents, all while promoting a positive and safe online environment for students. By integrating these technologies, schools can significantly reduce the incidence of cyberbullying and ensure a safer digital experience for their students.

For more information on how digital monitoring solutions can benefit your school, please get in touch.

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