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Coding Week 2022

This week is National Coding Week, which encourages people of all ages to learn coding and digital skills. 

Every day schools and businesses connect with each other through the internet to learn from peers and develop skills. Coding is vital for this; every data transfer, email and website update needs lines of code to make sure it works the way you need it to. The more we rely on coding in the digital world, the more skilled people we will need to fill digital roles.

This year’s theme for National Coding Week is learning new digital skills to help you, help others or help society. This is at the forefront of our own work within our community, our staff development, and The Exa Foundation’s events.

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Our Careers

At Exa, we’re dedicated to building skills and knowledge in-house, so our teams can develop their careers. We value innovation and accountability and encourage our staff to build their existing knowledge and learn new skills to provide the best for our customers. This has included support for professional learning, and internal promotion. Take a look at our Careers playlist to hear real stories from our staff:

The Exa Foundation Careers in Technology Event

The Exa Foundation is hosting a Careers in Technology event for Bradford schools and college groups in October. The event is part of Bradford Skills Month and aims to dispel some myths about people working in tech by sharing real career and study experiences. 

This event is led by Alan O’Donohoe, our Specialist Leader in Education. Alan is a former teacher with years of experience in providing digital skills workshops for young people. The Careers in Technology event is designed to inspire interest in digital careers, and educate attendees about work in the digital sector. Each half-day session is packed with engaging workshops – including topics like networking technologies and cyber security.

Alan also interviewed some of his contacts regarding their experience in tech. You can hear about how they got into the industry, their challenges, and their successes in this playlist:

If you’d like to know more about the events, or would like to book, please visit the The Exa Foundation

The Exa Foundation Skills Camp

In August, we hosted a Digital Skills Camp for young people in Bradford. Participants worked together and learnt how digital communication and tech can be used to help tackle climate change. Attendees presented their projects to parents and local businesses at a Digital Skills Fair on the final day

The Camp has had a substantial impact on the participants, who increased in confidence and ability – and three attendees took home their own Linux laptop. The two weeks were a fantastic showcase of young talent, and in response to demand, there will be another camp in the October half term as part of Bradford Skills Month.

If you’d like to read more about our work on promoting digital skills, check our blog.

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