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Safeguarding Awareness Week 2022

This year, TES has launched the first Safeguarding Awareness Week.

safeguarding awareness

Following a rise in sexual harrassment in schools, TES have marked the third week of May as Safeguarding Awareness Week. This year, the event starts on 16th May and runs until 22nd May.

The week-long programme of events, tools and resources aims to raise awareness of the dangers to children and young people. The focus is how schools and colleges can take preventative measures to safeguard against abuse and sexual harassment – both offline and online.

The week includes webinars to provide information on different aspects of safeguarding as well as tools and resources that teachers can use in the classroom. The resources encourage pupils to consider what makes them feel safe, while teachers learn about the different obstacles pupils might face when reporting incidents.

Today, TES will host the webinar, ‘Online sexual harassment: how to stay safe online’. Will Gardner CEO, Childnet International, and David Wright, director UK Safer Internet Centre at SWGfL will ‘discuss the latest statistics around online abuse, explain the changes to Ofsted inspections around sexual harassment and abuse, and provide tips and resources to share with your school community to help everyone stay safe online.’

You can still book a place on the webinar here.

If you can’t make the webinar, Exa customers and their pupils can learn more about eSafeguarding through The Exa Foundation’s new Learning Programme. The Programme focuses on two key aspects: Protect and Connect. Connect provides a background of communication technologies while Protect focuses on how pupils can stay safe online. If you’d like to book, please contact your account manager.

To find out more about Safeguarding Awareness Week, and download resources, you can visit the TES website.

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