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Exa Partners with Smoothwall

Exa partners with Smoothwall to deliver market leading monitoring to its customers.

Exa are pleased to announce a new partnership which will see Exa add Smoothwall Monitor into its product and services portfolio. 

Exa has been providing bespoke internet services to schools and businesses in the UK since 2003, this is an exciting development for the company as it looks to strengthen its digital safeguarding offering. 

Exa will provide Smoothwall Monitor as part of its Protect & Connect® package to complement its in-house content filtering platform, SurfProtect Quantum. It will enhance Exa’s offering to schools and ensure they’re not only meeting but exceeding their responsibilities as part of the KCSiE guidelines.

Exa partners with Smoothwall monitor

Smoothwall Monitor is a market-leading digital monitoring solution that uses the latest technology and expertly-trained human moderators to identify students at serious risk in their digital lives 24/7/365.

Smoothwall’s EVP UK, Gavin Logan, said: “We’re delighted to cement our relationship with Exa further, and significantly enhance their digital safeguarding offering with the addition of Smoothwall Monitor.

Over the past twelve months, Smoothwall Monitor has identified a young person at serious risk, every three minutes. These are young people who may have otherwise remained invisible to busy safeguarding staff. 

With Smoothwall Monitor, now part of the Protect & Connect package, more schools and colleges will have access to our solution and therefore, students will be better protected online.”

Mark Cowgill, Exa’s Co-Founder and Commercial Director, said: “Smoothwall are the market leader in digital safeguarding in the UK. As the DfE introduces more guidelines for schools to meet it’s important we have a product offering to match. 

“We’ve had a relationship with Smoothwall for a number of years, with many of our existing customers purchasing Smoothwall through us already, adding Smoothwall Monitor to our portfolio only solidifies this partnership further.

“Smoothwall’s values very much align with our own and we’re confident this addition to our Protect & Connect® package will support our customers with the unique challenges they face in protecting their staff and students from harmful content online.”

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