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A Learning Programme designed to support your students’ education and your teachers’ professional development.

Our engaging events, conferences and workshops cover topics like online safety, connectivity and web development. 

We know that it can be costly to outsource pupil activities and staff training, so The Exa Foundation sessions are part of the Exa connectivity customers’ package – a saving of £1,000 per day.

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CPD for Teachers

We know how important a teacher’s professional development is for them to continue to provide their students with exceptional learning. That’s why the sessions can also be provided to teachers as part of a CPD programme.
Covering the same aspects of the curriculum as the Learning Programme, our CPD is a great tool for training staff on computer technologies. 
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Learning Programme


Hello, it’s me

Protect & maintain my identity

Learn to use technology safely, including protecting their online identity

Victorian Internet

Explain how and why the internet was created

Learn about the development of the internet and WWW, and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration

Walls have ears

Take steps to proactively manage my privacy

Learn to use technology safely, including protecting their privacy

Connecting the dots

Justify reasons for using a network

Learn how computer networks can provide multiple services and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration

You can’t unsee it

Act against harmful content & unwelcome contact

Learn to recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct, and how to report it.

About the size of it

Measure and compare internet speed & bandwidth

Learn how data is stored, represented and transmitted in the form of binary digits

On Your Guard

Respond appropriately to malicious behaviour & criminal activity

Learn to recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct, and how to report it.

Playing by the rules

Explain why protocols are needed to govern the internet

Learn how computer systems communicate with each other

Fake News

Discern unreliable content & false information

Learn to recognise inappropriate content and conduct, and how to report it.

Web development 101

Use free tools to develop content for the web

Learn to use software to design and create content to accomplish given goals

Information Security

Identify systems that protect me & understand how they work

Learn about the hardware and software components that make up computer systems, and how they communicate with one another and with other systems.

This is for everyone

Defend the morals & ethics of the internet & WWW

Learn to recognise the internet as a source for both good and evil.

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Is DarkLight connectivity best suited to you?

Dark fibre is perfect if you are looking for a potentially limitless, ultrafast connection with complete flexibility and control.

If you fully rely on the internet, a dark fibre connection could be the best option for you.

Is Leased Line connectivity best suited to you?

Leased Lines are best suited to you if you have high bandwidth requirements and need a reliable, uncontended service.

It is ideal for you if you regularly carry out large uploads and downloads, use cloud based services and a VoIP telephone system as well as video conferencing, for everyday communication.

Is GPON connectivity best suited to you?

GPON is a great choice for you if you need gigabit speeds but don’t need them to be symmetrical. It is becoming more widely available across the UK but may not be immediately available to you yet.

Is Rural Fibre connectivity best suited to you?

If you want to make the move to full fibre, but are based in a rural area, this option is for you.

Is FTTP connectivity best suited to you?

If you have a number of users who use cloud-based applications to upload and download data on a daily basis, but don’t transfer large amounts of data, FTTP might be your best option.

Is Gfast connectivity best suited to you?

If your line cannot support a minimum of 100Mbps, this connection is not for you. Gfast must meet the speed as a minimum. 

If your line meets this need, and you’re looking for an ultrafast, consistent and reliable connection without the hassle and upheaval of construction work – this could be a good fit.

It’s worth noting that Gfast is a stop gap to FTTP, and is not a technology that is likely to be around for a long time.

Is FTTC connectivity best suited to you?

If you need more bandwidth but don’t really need a guaranteed speed, FTTC could be for you. It is widely available throughout the UK, making it suitable as a main connection. As this connection provides higher speeds than ADSL, it is also a good option for a back up to a leased line.

As with ADSL, once the PSTN is turned off in 2025/26, FTTC will become virtually obsolete and at the very least you will require FTTP to remain connected.



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Is DSL connectivity best suited to you?

DSL connections offer very limited bandwidth so it might be right for you if you typically use the internet for less data-intensive tasks. If you’re sending emails, browsing the web, downloading very small files and working with small amounts of data – you should be fine with DSL.

It is worth noting connections based on copper wire, like DSL, will be switched off in the UK by Openreach, with a phased approach due to begin at the end of 2025. If you don’t have a fibre connection at the moment, you’ll need to upgrade this as well as move to a VoIP telephone system.

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