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Google’s .zip & .mov TLDs – Blocking phishing URLs

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Knowledge Hub Knowledge HubTM The launch of Google’s .zip and .mov top level domains (TLDs) engendered controversy from the security community and internet at large, due to the opportunity they present for crafting increasingly plausible looking phishing URLs. On the face of it, we assumed that the issue would likely warrant a cursory investigation and marketing response to … Read more

Debugging Latency – Redux

sp latency2 http latency wild lq

Knowledge Hub Knowledge HubTM Not so long ago, we posted an article that detailed an issue impacting SurfProtect service stability. We described our investigation into the cause of the problem and celebrated its resolution. This week, it came back. While our previous investigation required significant effort, co-ordination between our teams, and time, we’re happy to … Read more

Kerberos from RC4 to AES

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Knowledge Hub Knowledge HubTM Among the patches published by Microsoft in its November 2022 security update, kerberos protocol changes described in KB5021131 affected a small number of SurfProtect customers, who were initially unable to authenticate users when using our Windows SSO service. This change was linked to the as-yet undisclosed vulnerability CVE-2022-37966, which is mitigated … Read more

Debugging Latency on 40 SurfProtect servers

cpu system before

Knowledge Hub Knowledge HubTM For the past couple of weeks, our active monitoring detected several occasions where the latency of traffic going through our SurfProtect service increased significantly enough to be worthy of investigation. At the outset of the investigation, when our monitoring tools first identified the problem, the effect on our customers was not … Read more

What type of internet connection should I get?

what type of internet connection should I get?

Knowledge HubTM Knowledge Hub Begin Read When you are looking for a new internet connection one of the first things you have to consider is what you want from your connection. Thinking about what you use the internet for and identifying key requirements will help determine which option is the right one for you. As … Read more

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